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    1. Quality is life, delivery is the credibility! --MTMOLD--

      Jiashan Maituo plastic mould factory

      About Us

      Maituo plastic mold is located in the beautiful and rich Hangjiahu Plain, is located in Jiashan County, 320 National Road and Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway, the Shanghai-Hangzhou Railway runs through the territory, convenient traffic, communications developed, beautiful environment, unique geographical location. Is specialized in the mold design, manufacturing, mold development company in the use of CAD / CAM / CAE operating system, the establishment of internal and external network system, to achieve the product of the virtual and development. To ensure product quality, we "QUALITYFIRST" (quality) principle, the company's product design, quality, production technology to provide a strong guarantee. Moderate product prices, better brand quality, will always be our business objectives!

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